Appeals Procedure

1. Introduction

It is the Company’s policy to ensure that learners with a appeal, complaint or dispute (Grievance) relating to their training and/or assessment can use a procedure which can help to resolve Grievances as quickly and as fairly as possible.

2. Informal Discussions

If you have a Grievance about your training and/or assessment you should discuss it informally with your Assessor. We hope that the majority of concerns will be resolved at this stage.

3. Stage 1

If you feel that the matter has not been resolved through informal discussions, you should put your Grievance in writing to your Assessor. The Assessor must give a response within 5 working days in an endeavour to resolve the matter.

4. Stage 2

If the matter is not resolved, you may raise the matter, in writing, with the appointed Internal Verifier, who must give a response within 5 working days. If appropriate your employer should be informed at this stage.

5. Stage 3

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, you should put your Grievance in writing to the External Verifier appointed by the Awarding Body. You will be entitled to have a meeting with the External Verifier to discuss the matter. You may be represented or accompanied at this meeting by your employer if appropriate. The External Verifier will give his/her decision within 28 working days of the Grievance being received.

The External Verifier’s decision is final.